Jun 19, 2010

Millelemmi's "Nosocomio Tungsteno"!!!

<a href="http://overknights.bandcamp.com/album/nosocomio-tungsteno">Nosocomio Tungsteno by Overknights</a>

"Noso-comio Tung-steno eno ...Noso-comio Tung....!!"....Now, if you don't speak italian you might not know what exactly this means..but we assure you that you'll find yourself repeating these obscure sounds after listening to Millelemmi's "dissected" dialect. Phonemes and meanings are elegantly used and abused just as new music is created from used and abused synths, records or toys all fused into a very personal, original and yet familiar way. All homemade mostly with his MPC and MIC and with a little bit of help from his friends Franco Crudo and Jaja with the appropriate scrathing and Simone Zaccagnini with the appropriate artwork. This is one of those albums where you'd like to thank the inventor of the "skip back" button on your player, whether you're exploring the layers of meaning of words or the puzzle shaped sounds... In other words..if you have ears you must have this album and that's where it gets easy: it's FREE!!
There's always a room at the "Nosocomio Tugnsteno"!!
Mixed by Andrea Bracali at Quasi Studio
Independently released in January 2010