Dec 19, 2011

Johnny Boy - "Timewarp Espresso" FREE DOWNLOAD!!!

Here's our final release for 2011: Timewarp Espresso EP!! Six tracks from outer and inner space delivered by Johnny Boy, especially conceived for your coffee break!!
We suggest cautious use as time paradoxes might occur.
Once again, hold your wallet: its all FREE!!!

Timewarp Espresso EP

produced, mixed, mastered by
Johnny Boy
@ Altrove Studios

released on December 19th 2011

Dec 16, 2011

Video: Johnny Boy - "Timewarp Espresso"

Here's the video for JohnnyBoy's "Timewarp Espresso", taken from the "Timewarp Espresso EP" out December 19th!!
Video shot and edited by our homeboy Jaja, faturing Mauro Stagi, Fresh Le Rock and Johnny Boy..

Enjoy the TIMEWARP!!

Dec 8, 2011

Manuele Atzeni - "Dirty Smiles" - OUT NOW / FREE DOWLOAD!!!!

Start workin those smiling muscles cause the Overknights proudly present Manuele Atzeni's latest work: "Dirty Smiles"!!!!!! This 7 tracker will put you in your spot, take you down the block, enhance your moves and improve your skills, other than challenging your knowledge of what's dirty and what's not!
We bet our favorite sneakers that by the time you get to "Jamaican Guys in Chinese Restaurant" you'll be able to compare your smile to one of those on the sweet artwork, delivered by GivemeAwork!!!!
Start Smilin'!!! It's All FREE!!!!!

Dirty Smiles

All Tracks Produced by Manuele Atzeni

Mixed & Mastered by Digi G'alessio @ Altrove Studios

Artwork by GiveMe A Work


Nov 21, 2011

ETHER - PREJANKA - 12" Vinyl OUT NOW!!!!

'Lil Pitch Records celebrates its first release with the spectacular collaboration between Ether and Pinch, Bristol's dubstep godfather, Tectonic Recordings founder and resident dj at London's Fabric.
Andrea Bracali and Francesco Bigazzi confirm themselves to be among the diamond points of Italy's electronic music scene, developing in a totally original way (their way) already consolidated languages like the ones of idm, abstract hip-hop, downtempo and skwee.
The use of samplers and analogue synthesizers is easily recognizable in the three unreleased tracks that compose side A: three tunes of a unique freshness that give Florence's duo the status of sacred cows for how much concerns silicium sounds forged inside Italy's borders.
Side B is entirely occupied by the remix Pinch has worked on in an impeccable manner, giving the track those distinctive traces that allowed him to spread his music all around the world.
So Beghe (Pinch rmx) turns out to be the ideal bridge between those relaxed/relaxing beats that are typical of Ether and those dark and introspective atmospheres of dubstep, the genre that more than any other has set fire to european clubs during the last decade.
Artwork by Mateo Rivano, colombian painter whose singular style has gained the attention of art's reviewers.' [reblogged from]

Make sure to check by Lil Pitch's site to stream a preview of each single track... and if you dig, you can go straight to Kudos, Phonica or Juno and grab your copy!!

Here you can check the video teaser, by Giveme Awork

Big Mad Ups to newborn Lil Pitch!! Make sure to keep an eye out... these guys are on point!!


Catalogue: LP01
Format: 12" vinyl
Worldwide distribution by KUDOS
Out Nov 21, 2011

Nov 8, 2011

Beatmaker's Challenge Video Report - Finest Ego Meets SkribbleGebibble: Millelemmi representin'!!!

Here you can check the video report for the beatmakers challenge that took place in Düsseldorf, organized buy SkribbleGebibble and Finest Ego, where we had our bro Millelemmi out to reprezent !!
He assures that the vibe was excellent and our fellow beatmakers were definitely on point, on and off stage ;)
Mad props to the people at SkribbleGebibble and Finest Ego and to all those beatnerds that made it possible!!!


Finest Ego

Richard Colvean (Belgium)
Playpad Circus (Germany)
Dnte (Hungary)
Millelemmi (Italy)
9thCloud (France)
Mono:Massiv (Austria)
Avyd (Germany)

Oct 11, 2011


Here we go with another Overknights relase!
It's Manuele Atzeni's Ep for Upitup records: introspective, deep and juicy as always.
The cover art is another Simone Zaccagnini's masterpiece, no more words needed.
So follow the links and have more fun!

Free download HERE

written & produced by Manuele Atzeni
artwork by Simone Zaccagnini
released 01 October 2011

Sep 30, 2011

Overknights for Ecko Unltd: "The Overknights Edition"

The guys at ECKO showed us love and hosted us for a special podcast.
We made an exclusive mix of ours last tracks relased here and there, check the tracklist for more while you liste to the mix:

The Overknights Edition
by Ecko Unltd Podcasting

‎01) Low’n'Zack – Se Non Smette di Piovere Faccio un Macello
02) Uxo – No Return (JohnnyBoy Rmx)
03) Daretta – Sento Voci
04) TES.LA – Dyami Vice
05) Colossius – Donoratic Asteroids
06) Biga feat. Naga – Diapason (LVN4R Crunchy Rmx)
07) Planet Soap – Indian Care (Millelemmi Rmx)
08) Digi G’Alessio – The Duel
09) Planet Soap – Alex Kid (Atzeni Rmx)
10) Daretta – Mi Siedo (Biga Rmx)
11) Low’n'Zack – Tattoo
12) Colossius – Salvio Lamas
13) Planet Soap – Invictus (3ther Rmx)
14) JohnnyBoy – Handmade Luv
15) Low’n'Zack – Situazione Contorta
16) Colossius – Koippikke
17) Biga – Scandicci
18) Master Of Ribongia – Face My Face (Digi G’Alessio Rmx)
19) Millelemmi – Destroy Social Scene
20) Kappah – Intro (JohnnyBoy Rmx)
21) Manuele Atzeni – High Junglist
22) Dza – Sea Monster (Digi G’Alessio Rmx)
23) Atzeni – Purple Hoodie
24) Low’n'Zack – Boia de
25) Millelemmi – H.A.A.R.P.
26) Biga feat. Dre Love – Exotic Erotic
27) Master of Ribongia – Da da !
28) Dj Alik – Skit


Jul 17, 2011

Millelemmi: "Destroy Social Scene"!!!!! FREE Download!!!

Here's our latest treat for Summer 2011: Millelemmi's "Destroy Social Scene EP"!!!!
Another free download from Millelemmi's bag of wonders!! .... ready to rock some dust off your little world...
Just a few tracks to let you know what's really destroying our social scene......featuring Daretta, Naga and B.Kun!!!!

Destroy Social Scene

produced, mixed and mastered by
Millelemmi @ Altrove

Daretta, Naga, B.Kun

photo and layout by
ICDK prod.

released on July 18th 2011 by

Jul 11, 2011


This is the video teaser of "Destroy social scene" Millelemmi's new Ep.
The ep will be relased on July 18th HERE on
so enjoy this stop motion animation while waiting for the Ep to come!!!

Jul 4, 2011

Biga - Only for the Bambine - INSTRUMENTALS!!! FREE DOWNLOAD!!

We told you the instrumental version was bound to come soon... so, here you go!!!
Biga, Only for the Bambine, the Instrumentals!!! FREE, of course, for your Downloadable pleasure ;)


Only for the Bambine

produced by

additional productions by
Colossius, Millelemmi

released on July 5th 2011 by

mixing/mastering by
Colossius @ Quasi Studio

artwork by

Jul 1, 2011

Low'N'Zac - Beat a Confronto Vol. 5 - Free Download - Ragnampiza!!!!

The Overknights and CanttiinAsociale member also known as SIMONE ZACCAGNINI.. the guy behind the drawings.... but ALSO he's the guy behind the Beats and always ready to rock the mic.....
Our bros from RAGNAMPIZA have chosen some of his smoothest beats for their series "Beat a Confronto" and make sure.... this one's meant to be poured directly into your eardrums....

Beat a Confronto Vol. 5 - Low 'N' Zac [ARCHIVE.ORG]

Beat a Confronto Vol. 5

produced by

released on June 24th by
Ragnampiza [RGPZ005]

Jun 18, 2011

BIGA - Only 4 the Bambine - FREE DOWNLOAD!!!!

We are very proud to present Biga's "Only 4 The Bambine"!!! The first solo album by one of Florence's most representing dj's... having explored, since the age of 16, the boundaries of Hip hop, Funk, Soul, Jazz, Bossa, Salsa, headz, Samba, Electronica, Psychedelic and Turkish jams etc.......
As a producer he's an active member of Ether, Overknights and Ragnampiza and an inspiration for many that surround and work with him.
"Only 4 The Bambine" is an album packed with raps, instrumentals and remixes done in collaboration with many good friends that just happen to be some mad mc's and producers... aka, once again, 'it's a family affair'.
Catch this FREE DOWNLOAD straight from the heart of Italy and of a mad music lover... and make sure to keep those eyes and ears perky cause the instrumental version is bound to come soon....

Peace, EnJOY!!!

Only 4 The Bambine

produced by

mixed and mastered by

released on June 19th 2011 by

in collaboration with

artwork by

Dyami La'cha Young, Millelemmi, Daretta, Naga, C2B, Low'N'Zak, Drelove, Santamiddje, Esa Funkee Prez, Dj Alik, Johnny Boy, Tes.La, Colossius, Digi Galessio, Herrera, Franco Crudo and Jaja.

Jun 17, 2011

Biga - Only 4 The Bambine Teaser!! OUT JUNE 19th!!!

Here's another video teaser by our bro GivemeAwork, this time for Biga's Only 4 The Bambine!!!
The bomb will be dropped on June 19th and You shall not find shelter!!!


Jun 5, 2011

Johnny Boy - Meat My Beats!! Free Download!!

Here's our boy Johnny Boy's first beat tape made with two faithfull samplers, many minced samples and quite a few over(k)night sessions...
Keep an eye out for our man GivemeAwork who mastered the graphics and the video teaser!! And as the title might suggest, you're supposed to grind and wear these beats out so don't forget to get yourself a copy on you're pod...
cause, you know how we tend to do... we tend to do it FREE!!

'This Beat Tape is inspired by and dedicated to Alba, Henry, G and the whole Overknights collective.
Special thanks to Santamiddjie, CantiInAsociale, Incdik, Dre and Phillie Fred and a huge HoLLa to the FiPiLi connection and to my peoples all around!
One Love.'

Johnny Boy - Meat My Beats - Beat Tape
released on June 6th 2011

by Overknights

May 28, 2011

May 22, 2011

Daretta - Heavy Mental - Free Download!!


We are very proud to present Daretta and his solo album "Heavy Mental"!!
Our boy is representing for "la Raza Araucana" from Santiago de Cile to Firenze Rifredi, and describes himself as: 'Born in Minorca, son of Norca, killer like an Orca, as poetic as Garcia Lorca...'
Let this deeply determined MC take you down a spiral made of black velvety words... and if you don't understand italian you can catch some drops of spanish, french and english here and there.. we assure that the meanings are seriously backing up the sounds and the mood. NO DOUBT!


Siamo molto orgogliosi di presentarvi ufficialmente il nostro rapper Daretta ed il suo "Heavy Mental"!!
Quella che parla è "la Raza" Araucana, da Santiago de Chile a Firenze Rifredi.
"Nato a Minorca, figlio di Norca, assassino come un' orca, poetico come Garcia Lorca"
Un' autodefinizione che calza a pennello a questo mc profondo e determinato che vi trascinera' per il collo nel fondo del suo vortice di nero velluto verbale...e per questa volta vi consigliamo di lasciarglielo fare e di dare retta!!


released 23 May 2011
all beats, lyrics and rhymes by Daretta
scratches by Franco Crudo (2-6) and Jaja (5)
additional productions by Millelemmi
all tracks mixed and mastered by Colossius @ Quasi Studio, Firenze
Artwork by Simone Zaccagnini

May 11, 2011

Daretta - Heavy Mental - snippet - Out May 23rd!!

Our crewmember Daretta is about to drop his first album: Heavy Mental!!
Entirely produced by Daretta with a little help from his friends... out on May 23rd on!!!
For those of you who can't understand italian, make sure to catch that chicano flow ;)!!!
Artwork by Simone Zaccagnini..... forget about it...!..

May 10, 2011


Overknights' Millelemmi & Jaja will perform live rap and skratches with the drummer Stefano "Tambo" Tamborrino.
The trio will play skratched loops, mad drum grooves and ill lirycs at Nottefiorentina in Borgo S. Frediano 17 rosso.

Nah miss it!!

May 3, 2011

Overknights feat. DZA!!!

This Friday we'll be Kickin it with the mighty DZA from Moscow!!
He'll be performing his live set, introduced by Johnny Boy and backed up by Atzeni & Colossius' back 2 back djset!!
A Big Big Up to Error Broadcast who reached out to make this happen!!
For those in a reachable distance: you might wanna come down to Cargo and check out why DZA will be playing @ the Sonar 2011.....

Please Wear Dancing Shoes and a Party Attitude...

FREE Entry Before Midnight

Click on the links for info....



Error Broadcast

Facebook Event

Flyer by
Emidio Bernardone

Apr 30, 2011

Finest Ego Weekend Report!!


Here you check can how the Finest Ego Weekend went down!! I must say that all the beatmakers were as dope as they were friendly, the crowd was a great support and the guest performances were simply off the hook!!

Big big UPs to The Finest Ego Crew and Project Mooncircle!!! Make sure to keep an eye and ear out for them as they certainly do for you!!!

The Competition Ranking:

1st Place – Playpad Circus
2nd Place – Figub Brazlevič
3rd Place – D-Fekt & Mr. Beef
4th Place – Johnny Boy
5th Place – Hazeem
6th Place – Flowtec


Apr 27, 2011

Slugabed + Atzeni & Colossius (Overknights) @ Cargo, Firenze 29/4/11 !!!!

This Friday we'll be kickin it with Slugabed, Atzeni and Colossius, once again @ the Cargo Club, here in Firenze!!!!
Big big ups to Switch for setting this up and bringing the 'Slug' over!!
And for those who don't know him and can dig some italian chatter, here's a mix/interview - Slugabed podcast by Mixology!!


Apr 18, 2011

Pinch + Ether @ Ex3 VEN 22/04/11

The most famous Overknights' electronic duo Ether will perform live after a long time with Pinch (UK).
Can't miss this one.

Mar 29, 2011

Overknights & Herrera - Live @ Wadada!!!

Next Saturday we'll be kickin it in Rimini along with our Bro Herrera!!
Be sure to drop by if you're on the east coast... and if you're not convinced just take a good look at our flyer made by Giveme Awork!!!
Millelemmi, JohnnyBoy, Herrera and Atzeni rockin it live n direct!!
Biaaaatch!! :D

Mar 11, 2011

Overknights @ Club 21!!

Here's a nice piece of artwork made by our boy Givemeawork for our gig tomorrow night at Club 21 here in Florence!! Those in town that need some strong bass should definitely pass by....
Biga, Colossius and Manuele Atzeni hosted by Mc Millelemmi!!

Mar 3, 2011

Overknights Feat. DRELOVE!!! 5-03-2011 / Firenze!!!

Next Saturday (March 3rd 2011) we'll be hosting a gig with the mighty MC/DJ/Producer DreLove!! He can be considered the american backbone in italian hip hop, the link between Italy and New he contributed, especially as an mc, to many tracks and albums that would later become some of the most appreciated joints in italian hip hop history. Check out the stuff he did with 'Radical Stuff', 'Neffa e i 107 elementi', 'Almamegretta', 'Saweshi'....
Lately he's been mostly active with his funk band 'DreLove & The White Niggaz' and is about to deliver his solo album produced along with drummer/beatmaker DRUMZ...
DreLove's work has been inspirational for many artists out here in Italy throughout the years, and to us he's a friend and mentor, so you know we're bound to get down!!
March, Saturday 5th....if you're in the area you might wanna bring your dancing shoes!!!

artwork by Simone Zaccagnini!!!

Feb 23, 2011

Overknights Live In Livorno 2.0 !!!!

Next Saturday Feb 26th we'll be kickin' it Live in Livorno!!... Overknights are heading towards the coast, Biaatch!!

Artwork as usual by Simone Zaccagnini!!

Feb 14, 2011

Overknights feat. Tom B. - Feb 17th 2011!!

Next Thursday we'll be hosting a special gig with Dj Tom B., straight from Paris!
We must say we have a thing for Brasil, especially Biga who had the pleasure to meet Thomas last year as he exported his own personal selection of brasilian tunes out to the Favela Chic in Paris...
Since then Biga and us were just waiting for the right time to turn that gig around and have Tom B. over here in Florence... so, now, the time has come:
Thursday, February 17th 2011 @ Cargo, Firenze!!

Thomas Bignon aka Tom B is known for spinning Funk, Brazil, Bootlegs, Latin, Afro, Disco, Broken, Live House, Hip Hop, Brazilian and Jamaican Jungle... ! He's been active on Paris' black music scene for over 15 years as an acid jazz bass player, a funk band manager, event organizer and music journalist. Of course as well as being a Dj and founder of the Booty Shakers Crew and the Redo De Suinge, an international network of brasilian spinnin' dj's. He's a Dj resident for the Avenida Brasil parties, the Favela Chic, the Rua Carioca parties as well as official Dj for Paris' Samba schools!! (Zabumba, Aquarela, Sambatuc, Bloco de Paris)

So if you're around you probably don't wanna miss this funky samba sound....
Cargo, Florence, FREE ENTRY!!

Facebook Event

Artwork as usual by Simone 'Low'N'Zac/Lo Zac' Zaccagnini....!!!

Jan 25, 2011

Herbaliser + Overknights - 12 FEB 2011!!!!!

We will be supporting Herbaliser on the 12th of February @ the Viper Theatre in Firenze!!
Jake Wherry and Ollie Teeba will come down to represent with they're massive djset while we will be all together, all 10 of us, to open and close the show..!!!..
We will be presenting Daretta's album 'Heavy Mental' and perform some mini live-sets with Daretta, Millelemmi, Digi G'Alessio, Colossius and JohnnyBoy while Biga and Manuele Atzeni will take care of the wheels of steel, Franco Crudo and Jaja will be doin' they're thing with the itchin' and the scratchin' and lo Zac will definitley color up the place....!!
A Big Up to Switch, Gold and Hip Hop Kemp for putting this all together!!
If you're around, we wouldn't want you to miss this one ;) !!!!





Viper Theatre

Hip Hop Kemp

Saturday February 12 / 2011
Viper Theatre
Via Pistoiese / Via Lombardia (Firenze) 10 pm

Jan 11, 2011

Overknights feat. King Bleso - Jan 14th 2011 - Firenze

We'll be proudly hosting a gig with one of our favorite funk dj's as well as one of the leading figures of the italian hip hop / ragga scene the early 90's ('Isola Posse All Stars', 'Sangue Misto', 'Sud Sound System'..).
Many projects, collabo's and alias' throughout the years ('Gopher D', 'Unto Ke', 'Bleso Wastasi') have brought King Bleso to explore hip hop, raggamuffin and funk, as a beatmaker, mc and musician not to mention his earliest musical efforts in what would be his 'first love': punk rock ('Rabid Duck').
His latest project called 'King Bleso & The Voodoo Soul Unlimited' goes back to playing the instruments releasing a tasty, percussive funk/rock album called 'Oku'.
As a Dj he travels only with his 45's treasure box filled with funk, soul and rock jams that are able to move your feet for you....;)
So we strongly suggest anyone around Florence and in the need of some serious funk to come down to Cargo on the 14th of January...
Entrance is FREE... aka Drinks on YOU, Music on US....

Venerdi' 14 gennaio 2011
Overknights feat. King Bleso (Gopher D)
CARGO - Via dell'Erta Canina, 12/r, Firenze

King Bleso (Gopher D)


artwork by
Simone Zaccagnini