Aug 18, 2010

Overknights @ Pop Cafe' (3 Giugno 2010)

Here's a video shot & edited by our very own Jaja on our first gig this summer @ Pop Cafe' in S. Spirito... Millelemmi's spinnin' and rappin' and Simone 'Zac' Zaccagnini is the freehand on the projector! The soundtrack is by Millelemmi and called "Vodka Gelsi", taken from the EP "Eoliade"...

Aug 9, 2010

Biga: what is a DJ if he can't MIXTAPE!?!

There was a time when the DJ was the collector and the dispenser of acoustical knowledge through the arts of selection and the fine techniques of mixing.... those who distinguished themselves were completely committed ... and always ON point!! ......
This would be true if people like Biga didn't make you realize that there still are many dj's out there that do their homework and have the tendency to deliver..!..
Here we post Biga's 3 last mixtapes that..., straight up and down, you do not want to miss!!
All 3 mixtapes are a fine example of mixing and selection, like a ride that keeps bringing you somewhere new without knowing how you got there.

"El Climatico" features some of Biga's favorite tracks going from salsa to hip hop, to soul and some of those everlasting jazzy-funk tracks that make you wanna thank people like Biga for collecting records. It features tracks from Hector Lavoe, Krs-One, Parliament, Augustus Pablo and Madlib....just to give an idea...
In the words of Biga: "This is 'El Climatico' recorded and mixed by Biga in August 2007. The wonderful art cover is by Mateo Rivano. Many thanks to Bubu, Igor and Joao for the contribution in making it."

While "El Climatico" is more like a "Manifesto" of Biga's Dj-ing in the past years, "Som Barato" and "Bombe Turche" are the result of international DIGGIN'. A real record collector will travel to find his records and to understand what that particular music is all about. Getting down with the people that particular music was made for is the best way to understand a particular groove and that's exactly what Biga has done.

"Som Barato" is a mix of some crazy brazilian tunes that go deep into Brazil's musical culture bypassing the well known Verve bossa nova's to reach the samba, the ballads... the people's choice: a "Cheap Sound"! Needless to say there's nothing cheap about it, besides the fact that you get to download for FREE!!!
As for "El Climatico" the insane artwork is by Mateo Rivano!

"Nar Suyu Portakal Suyu a.k.a. Bombe Turche"
("Turkish Bombs") brings us to the proud country of Turkey. The turkish musical industry is huge and Biga has here selected Strictly 7"s of Turkish Funk, Folk and Psychedelic Breaks.
A little somethin' for those that have heard everything.. ;)
This mixtape is distributed with the proud collaboration of Gold and FunkYaMama... The crazy ass artwork is by Pupa 'the only one' Tee and Biga's reprezentin' for Ragnampiza and Overknights..!!..

If you down with the stream, show some love and hit them links to Download!! [BTcH]

Biga's Myspace:

Nar Suyu Portakal Suyu aka Bombeturke [Rapidshare]

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Nar Suyu Portakal Suyu aka Bombeturke [Funkyamama Podcast]


Som Barato [ARCHIVE.ORG]

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El Climatico [ARCHIVE.ORG]