May 26, 2010

Lo Zac's "Free'P'Hop"!!

<a href="">Free'P'Hop by Overknights</a>

Here's some music from a non-musician! Lo Zac or Low'N'Zak, better known as Simone Zaccagnini, he's actually a visual/drawing artist. His work is all handmade and when his eyes are tired he boots up his old pc and starts messin with samples on an old version of Cubase Sx.. Well the result is right in front of your ears, so play the player and if you dig.. go ahead with the download button cause, yes..."Free'P'Hop" is all free!!

May 23, 2010

Overknights Mini sampler #0!!! free download फ्री!!!

<a href="">Overknights Mini Sampler #0 by Overknights</a>

free download free

If you feel enthusiastic about this just looking at the cover, you should, cause it's our first SAMPLER!!!!! All music and lyrics and scratches are taken from our individual projects and everything has been produced in the family, from the masters to the artwork. Which is by Simone Zaccagnini while the photos were taken by Alessandro Pace ( All tracks are by Overknights members plus our "outsider" member from Turin Franco Crudo, with his fine scratching appearing on "Nosocomio Tungsteno".
You Can now (Sep 2010) download the whole sampler for FREE from
or by direct link on

Manuele Atzeni and his "Beats For The Sleepwalker"!!!

<a href="">B4TS (Beats For The Sleepwalker) by Overknights</a>

Ladies and gentelmen, we ask you not to disturb the sleepwalker. The sleepwalker's synapsis pattern reveals calm and continuos brain function, this pattern should not be disturbed. Everyone knows how dangerous it can be to wake up a sleepwalker, and this could be a hint on what happens on track 5!!
Manuele Atzeni's second album comes straight out of his room (as you can see) appearing as the first release for hometown's newborn Woobo Records!! As we live in a material world, my friends, not all can be free. But luckily, sometimes we're able to give things a decent price and give you the possibility to give us some means and encouragement (at the least!) in order to continue to make music. So if you dig...., show some love and if you can't ....we love feedback too.. it's all good, it's all about the music!!
Manuele Atzeni "Beats For The Sleepwalker", released by Woobo Records on Apr 2010, buy it @:

Millelemmi's Eoliade!!

<a href="">Eoliade by Overknights</a>

Here's Millelemmi's Eoliade!! Indipendent release, dated September 2009. Two samplers, one synth and Sicily's Eolie. Watch out for the waves and go easy on the vodka & gelsi.. and if you don't know what gelsi are, well.. you can try to google it but it just ain't the same... so you might wanna listen to what it would sound like for now, before booking your next trip to Eolie..
Entirely free and downloadable from

May 22, 2010

Overknights on Blogspot!!

Overknights is finally on blogspot. We're 9 music lovers and makers rooted in Florence, Italy. All downloads and info regarding us is currently on and
Soon links to our downloads and friends..postin' has just begun...!!..