Nov 23, 2010

"No Doubt Fare Night" by Colossius!!!!

Here's another killer release from Colossius!!!
His second release for 2010 "No Doubt Fare Night" is a 5 track EP, a prelude to the forthcoming album and another example of Colossius' unique style: 13 minutes of pure, warm, analog, crunchy medicine for your ears.
Striclty instrumental and for those who love fat warm basslines and punchy drums... just like our peeps at Lo-Vibes Records (jp).
The crazy thing about this EP is how Colossius is able to stay within that thin line that separates subtleness from pure strenth giving the widest possible forms of listening....wether you're rockin' with Paolo VI on your headphones or dodging some Donoratic Asteroids while testing out your subwoofers..!..
Straight from the your face, No Doubt...Fare Night!!

"No Doubt Fare Night" (2010)
released by Lo-Vibes Records [LVDD-002] (

all songs produced and mixed by Colossius
mastered by Tommaso Bianchi and KK
artwork by Pupa Tee

listen on Bandcamp:

buy it on Itunes:

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