Jun 5, 2011

Johnny Boy - Meat My Beats!! Free Download!!

Here's our boy Johnny Boy's first beat tape made with two faithfull samplers, many minced samples and quite a few over(k)night sessions...
Keep an eye out for our man GivemeAwork who mastered the graphics and the video teaser!! And as the title might suggest, you're supposed to grind and wear these beats out so don't forget to get yourself a copy on you're pod...
cause, you know how we tend to do... we tend to do it FREE!!

'This Beat Tape is inspired by and dedicated to Alba, Henry, G and the whole Overknights collective.
Special thanks to Santamiddjie, CantiInAsociale, Incdik, Dre and Phillie Fred and a huge HoLLa to the FiPiLi connection and to my peoples all around!
One Love.'

Johnny Boy - Meat My Beats - Beat Tape
released on June 6th 2011

by Overknights

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