Jul 1, 2011

Low'N'Zac - Beat a Confronto Vol. 5 - Free Download - Ragnampiza!!!!

The Overknights and CanttiinAsociale member also known as SIMONE ZACCAGNINI.. the guy behind the drawings.... but ALSO he's the guy behind the Beats and always ready to rock the mic.....
Our bros from RAGNAMPIZA have chosen some of his smoothest beats for their series "Beat a Confronto" and make sure.... this one's meant to be poured directly into your eardrums....

Beat a Confronto Vol. 5 - Low 'N' Zac [ARCHIVE.ORG]

Beat a Confronto Vol. 5

produced by

released on June 24th by
Ragnampiza [RGPZ005]

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