Nov 8, 2011

Beatmaker's Challenge Video Report - Finest Ego Meets SkribbleGebibble: Millelemmi representin'!!!

Here you can check the video report for the beatmakers challenge that took place in Düsseldorf, organized buy SkribbleGebibble and Finest Ego, where we had our bro Millelemmi out to reprezent !!
He assures that the vibe was excellent and our fellow beatmakers were definitely on point, on and off stage ;)
Mad props to the people at SkribbleGebibble and Finest Ego and to all those beatnerds that made it possible!!!


Finest Ego

Richard Colvean (Belgium)
Playpad Circus (Germany)
Dnte (Hungary)
Millelemmi (Italy)
9thCloud (France)
Mono:Massiv (Austria)
Avyd (Germany)

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