Nov 21, 2011

ETHER - PREJANKA - 12" Vinyl OUT NOW!!!!

'Lil Pitch Records celebrates its first release with the spectacular collaboration between Ether and Pinch, Bristol's dubstep godfather, Tectonic Recordings founder and resident dj at London's Fabric.
Andrea Bracali and Francesco Bigazzi confirm themselves to be among the diamond points of Italy's electronic music scene, developing in a totally original way (their way) already consolidated languages like the ones of idm, abstract hip-hop, downtempo and skwee.
The use of samplers and analogue synthesizers is easily recognizable in the three unreleased tracks that compose side A: three tunes of a unique freshness that give Florence's duo the status of sacred cows for how much concerns silicium sounds forged inside Italy's borders.
Side B is entirely occupied by the remix Pinch has worked on in an impeccable manner, giving the track those distinctive traces that allowed him to spread his music all around the world.
So Beghe (Pinch rmx) turns out to be the ideal bridge between those relaxed/relaxing beats that are typical of Ether and those dark and introspective atmospheres of dubstep, the genre that more than any other has set fire to european clubs during the last decade.
Artwork by Mateo Rivano, colombian painter whose singular style has gained the attention of art's reviewers.' [reblogged from]

Make sure to check by Lil Pitch's site to stream a preview of each single track... and if you dig, you can go straight to Kudos, Phonica or Juno and grab your copy!!

Here you can check the video teaser, by Giveme Awork

Big Mad Ups to newborn Lil Pitch!! Make sure to keep an eye out... these guys are on point!!


Catalogue: LP01
Format: 12" vinyl
Worldwide distribution by KUDOS
Out Nov 21, 2011

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