Dec 8, 2011

Manuele Atzeni - "Dirty Smiles" - OUT NOW / FREE DOWLOAD!!!!

Start workin those smiling muscles cause the Overknights proudly present Manuele Atzeni's latest work: "Dirty Smiles"!!!!!! This 7 tracker will put you in your spot, take you down the block, enhance your moves and improve your skills, other than challenging your knowledge of what's dirty and what's not!
We bet our favorite sneakers that by the time you get to "Jamaican Guys in Chinese Restaurant" you'll be able to compare your smile to one of those on the sweet artwork, delivered by GivemeAwork!!!!
Start Smilin'!!! It's All FREE!!!!!

Dirty Smiles

All Tracks Produced by Manuele Atzeni

Mixed & Mastered by Digi G'alessio @ Altrove Studios

Artwork by GiveMe A Work


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